Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rembrandt in black and white

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I went to see the "Rembrandt in black and white"-exhibition in MuseumGouda today.
100 etchings by Rembrandt in one beautiful show.
Well worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

I was amazed to see how small certain etchings were and how full of detail.
I've taken a few photo's for you to get an idea of the show.


hmuxo said...

Rembrandt is one of my favorite Artists... I would have loved to have seen this exhibit...thank you Erik for sharing these etchings with us. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous...!!

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Hilda, from what I've understood it's a travelling exhibition so in time it might come closer to your home :)

Judy said...

Wat een mooie tentoonstelling, bedankt voor de tip en de mooie foto's!

Erik van Elven said...

Graag gedaan Judy! Veel plezier mocht je ook gaan.

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