Saturday, February 23, 2013

Juan for Julia Kay's Portrait Party

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"Juan" for JKPP,  40x30cm acrylic on cardboard, NFS

First time in a long while I've tried acrylics again after seeing some great acrylic paintings done by Marc Hanson and Hans Verbeek.
I must say I really liked the experience. This one was done using Golden Open acrylics which stay open for a few hours.


Douglas Clark said...

Very good job. I would not have guessed that this was painted with acrylics.

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Douglas!

hmuxo said...

As always, you did an amazing job on this portrait, Erik!

Erik van Elven said...

:) Thank you Hilda, always nice to see you!

renate said...

Hoi Erik:) Een prachtig portret. Een heel mooi "doorgeleefd" gezicht. Wow!

Erik van Elven said...

Dankjewel Renate! Was leuk om te doen.

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