Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursdaynight Life painting

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Last night in life painting class we were experimenting with light and shadow again, giving some interesting results. The room is almost completely dark, a spotlight is placed near the model and every artist uses a small LED-light to light his palette and canvas.

Yesterday we did two poses, each about 50 minutes.
These are my results, if you want to see what the rest of the group did you can check them out here:


hmuxo said...

This is a beautiful portrait, Erik!
Wonderful skin tones and perfect brush work! I checked out how the rest of the group did and I am so impressed. Wonderful work!

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Hilda, you're very kind.

renate said...

Wat een gezellig lessen zullen dat geweest zijn:) Maar het resultaat is er wel naar, vooral de eerste vind ik heel mooi. Mooie schaduw effecten! Ik ga nu de resultaten van je collega's bewonderen. Groetjes!

Erik van Elven said...

De lessen zijn zeker gezellig Renate, en altijd erg leerzaam. Bedankt voor je reaktie!

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