Sunday, January 27, 2013

Portrait sketch in oils - Youtube demo

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An artist friend of mine on recently told me she would love to see how I painted.
So, I promised her to do a timelapse recording of  a painting session.
Of course, this turned out to be a lot harder to set up than I anticipated but after a lot of experimenting I found a setup that worked.
I've used my iPhone on a tripod with the Lapse-it Pro App. The good thing is that you can change a lot of the settings, like the recorded resolution, interval between captures and you can lock the focus, exposure and white balance so the movie doesn't flicker so much.

Portrait sketch in oils - Youtube demo
"Pedro Villarrubia for JKPP", 30x24cm oil panel, original available


hmuxo said...

I love Pedro!! I could watch you do it over and over the process..ALTHOUGH, a little slower would have made me even happier!! Wonderful portrait, Erik!!

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Hilda, and thanks for the feedback about the speed. It was the first experiment and I didn't know how much memory the captures would take.
So next time I'll take more pictures so playback will be slower and smoother.
Best wishes, erik

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