Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday night life painting class, backlit woman

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"Backlit", oil on canvas, 40x30cm,

Last night, almost everyone showed up for life painting class so it was very crowded. I had a spot directly opposite the main light that lit the model. To prevent being blinded by the light I had to hide behind my canvas. It was fun though to paint the rim light and to make the skintones dark enough for the light effect to read.


hmuxo said...

Nice side view, Erik. Beautifully the shadow work!!

Stan Hughes said...

No moss growing here. You are being very productive. Love all of it. Do you have any showes in the future? Keep on creating.

Erik said...

Thank you Hilda, painting from life forces me to work quickly and focus on the essentials.

Erik said...

Thanks Stan, LOL, indeed no moss here. Got to keep working :)
At the moment I have no solo shows planned, just a few local group shows I'm participating in.

Lokelani Forrest said...

Erik...wonderful work. I've sketched from life, but not painted. Someday I will take that on if I can find a willing model.

Erik said...

Hi Lokelani, thank you! The most patient model there is is yourself so you could always try a self portrait :)

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