Friday, April 22, 2011

"The bride"- life painting class

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Yesterday was  a nice night to paint. Our model Marije who I painted and drawn before wore her wedding dress. She was standing on a high platform which made us all look up to her, creating a very special mood. I was humming "Don't cry for me Argentina" when I was making the first marks with my brush :)

I used the same limited palette as I used in my previous painting (Reggae night) which is:

Titanium white
Yellow Ochre 
Pozzuoli Earth
Ultramarine blue
Ivory black

Basically it's a modified version of the Zorn palette, with a more earthy red (pozzuoli red instead of vermillion) and ultramarine blue added. I tend to use the black more with mixes with the red to create beautiful dark browns that stay warm and the blue I use to cool down the skintones, when I use black for that the skintones tend to get muddy quite fast in my experience.

I didn't have time to complete the sketch and work more on the background and the edges so I may work on it some more in the future.

"The bride", oil on canvas, 40x30cm

Friday, April 15, 2011

Latest lifepainting class paintings

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Hi everyone and welcome to the new blog-followers! Always nice to see people interested in your work. If you have questions or suggestions just let me know via the comments or email me directly.

These 2 paintings were done in life painting class, both were very nice models to paint.

"Reggae night", oil on alkyd primed masonite


"Waiting for her date to show up", oil on masonite

I must say I really enjoy these life painting sessions, I've started in januari this year and I'm always looking forward to the next Thursday, very addictive.  The level of my other classmates is really high which keeps everyone on their toes and there is a really good vibe in the group, I love it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Lentekriebels" Stage 4 - finished!

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The good thing about a deadline is that at some point you have to stop working on a painting :)
So, this is the painting finished, for now, time to move on. Thanks for following along.

30x40cm oil on linen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Lentekriebels' WIP Stage 3

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Still needs some work on the pants and sparkles. We're getting there..

"Lentekriebels" WIP stage 3

Saturday, April 2, 2011

'Lentekriebels' WIP Stage 2

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I worked some more on my Spring fever painting.
In this stage I was using mostly transparent paint for the rocky area with some opaque paint for the light areas on the pants. It's not often that I can use Cadmium Red light straight out of the tube, wonderful color.
Next stage will be adding more opaque paint, working on the feet and pants.
Stay tuned :)

"Lentekriebels" Stage 02

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