Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plein air with Rene plein air

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Had a lot of fun today painting with Rene PleinAir.
Rene paints on location about every day of the week and uses a limited palette to create his beautiful paintings of the Dutch landscape. It was an honour to paint with him, thanks again for the fun day Rene!
The location where we painted was 'De Winterdijk' a narrow road between Waddinxveen (where I live) and Gouda.

'Richting Reeuwijk' 8x10 oil on panel

Rene painting
'Winterdijk' 8x10 oil on panel

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lifepainting class

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Squint!, look for the hardest edge, look for the softest edge, what's the darkest dark, what's the lightest light, what's the strongest color, what will be the focal point of my painting. Cool light? Warm light?
All important things to consider before starting a painting yet when I'm in class I forget and just start to lay strokes down :)

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