Friday, November 4, 2011

Put down your brushes!

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This is Keba, a great model which I have painted before in life drawing class. Yesterday night  I was doing OK painting but after the model-break my concentration faded and before I knew I heard the dreaded phrase: "Time's up, put down your brushes!". Aarghhh! All I needed was another 15 minutes (probable more :)  )

So now I'm contemplating the thought of doing some more work on the painting in my studio, which feels a bit weird to me. After all, it is a sketch from life.

How do you feel about continuing to work on a lifedrawing or plein air piece in the studio? Do you do it?

'Keba', 30x40cm, oil on masonite


Pam Holnback said...

I often go back and finish pieces at a later point. But, w/ this one, I'd leave him alone!

Erik said...

Thanks Pam, I just heard today that next week we'll be having the same model, so I think I'll start fresh then and see if I can finish it in time..

sue said...

I quite like this 'unfinished' look it suits the subject/style

I agree with Pam - leave him alone!

Erik said...

OK, OK, I will leave him alone, for now at least :)
Thank you very much Sue!

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Leave it! Then see what happens the next time.I love the underpainting peeking through, and the background brushstrokes.

Info said...

Thanks Anne, I appreciate it. Let's see what happens next week..

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Erik!... My first visit to your site! Enjoyed the variety... vitality and painterly quality in all of your work!

About reworking the sketch back in the studio? If the subject isn't... "done with you"... then why should you be done with it?

More to be learned I think! That's what every painting offers - a learning opportunity! Enjoy having control over that choice!

Great work!

Good {Painting!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman

Erik van Elven said...

Hi Bruce,
Thank you for the kind words and for the solid advice.
For this painting in particular, since I've heard that next Thursday we'll be having the same model again I'll leave it for now and see what I accomplish in a second try. We can always change it later.
Warm regards, Erik

Stan Hughes said...

Looks done to me. Only the artist knows what more was expected.

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Stan. It's probable the same as the age-old question of when a painting is finished. You only know when you've gone too far and realize it was finished 50 brushstrokes before that :)

Sandra Heading said...

Or in my Case 51 strokes lol , Hiya Erik... I love your portrait work its brilliant ... I must of missed this one on wc , but I am sneaking in on here ~Shssshhh be very quite dude ~ Im hunting wabbits !!!:)


Erik van Elven said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for the kind words. No, you didn't miss this one on wetcanvas, I only tend to post more finished works there. Say hi to the wabbits!

Sandra Heading said...

Ha , very sweet you are:) , but yeah I am the same but I also like seeing half finished stuff too! call me weird , blonde~ whatever,lol but its just as learning I think, dont you? .. oh I ment to say you inspired me the other day looking at your plein air , Ive been doing plain air while at school ....;)

Erik van Elven said...

Thank you Sandra, usually I prefer the more sketchy pieces too. Have fun painting plein air!

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