Friday, June 17, 2011

Panda featured on Procreate website

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Today Savage Interactive released the 1.5 update of Procreate and I'm honored that they use my panda painting on their new website.
The 1.5 update is awesome, free for existing users and only $.99 for a limited time for new users so go get it!

my panda on the website

"Morning stroll" iPad painting, procreate 1.5


Peter Brown said...

Great that your panda was chosen Erik! The technology looks very interesting, but new toys are off-limits at present!

Erik said...

Thank you Peter. The technology is really nice indeed, I hardly use my laptop anymore, except for 3D work.
But if you could wait, it only gets better, screens get better resolution and performance will improve..

Peter Brown said...

Erik, a silly question perhaps:
Since there's no "original" as such, what's the typical outlet for these digital works? Or is all just for fun?

Erik said...

Hi Peter, there are no silly questions, just silly answers :)
For me, at the moment, it's all fun, a chance to do some doodles, play with creative ideas when you have a few spare moments. Those moments when you normally wouldn't start up a computer or would waste watching tv.
You can use it for serious work too though, the resolution with apps like procreate is high enough to be used for printing and otherwise you can export a layered file to photoshop on your Mac or pc.
And most illustration work is done digitally these days so who knows where things will go.You can sell t-shirt designs/mugs etc on or prints on red I'm just getting my feet wet at the moment.
Hope that answers your question a little?

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Erik. iPad has been added to my Christmas list!

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