Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bamboo stylus for iPad review

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Yesterday my new Bamboo stylus for iPad arrived and I thought it would be nice to share some of my observations. The Bamboo stylus is not pressure sensitive so hopefully in the future we will see a Bluetooth version that reports pressure to the iPad.

Bamboo stylus for iPad review
Bamboo stylus for iPad

I already have a Griffin stylus and a Nomad brush for painting and drawing on the iPad so I was curious how the Bamboo stylus would compare.

Size and Weight 
As you can see in the picture below the Bamboo is a little longer than the Griffin but feels a lot heavier.  Also note that the tip of the Wacom is smaller than the Griffin.
The Nomad brush is a lot longer but very light.

bamboo vs griffin vs nomad brush
bamboo vs griffin vs nomad brush

Drawing and painting with the Bamboo
Here I was a little bit disappointed with the Wacom. I felt that the pressure needed to produce a line was higher compared the Griffin. Yes, the accuracy is a bit better because of the smaller tip but maybe because of the smaller diameter you have to press harder. (The Nomad brush requires no pressure at all and produces a line even if you let it drag across the iPad without applying pressure. Ofcourse, because of the shape of the brush hairs, accurate linework is a little more challenging but not impossible)

Also, the Bamboo tip is really thin and distorts quite heavily when you paint with it. The rest of the Bamboo stylus feels well made but the tip feels like it could tear pretty easily. About the weight, the balance is really nice when you hold the stylus like you're drawing with it. But, if you're like me (I like to hold the stylus more loosely towards the back) the weight becomes a little annoying after a while.

Bamboo tip


+The Wacom is a little more accurate than the Griffin
+Weight balance is good for writing or drawing if you hold the stylus close to the tip.

-Tip feels flimsy
-Requires more pressure than Griffin
-Weight balance not so good if you tend to hold a stylus more towards the back.

So for me, I think I'll mainly use the Griffin for sketching and the Nomad brush for painting with the iPad.


Stan Hughes said...

Thank you for the review.

Erik said...

You're welcome!

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