Friday, March 25, 2011

Zorn palette life drawing class

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Zorn palette - life drawing class, NFS

Yesterday in life painting class I finished the painting I started last week, this time using the Zorn palette.


Angel said...

Wonderful, love the calmness in her look.

Stan Hughes said...

Very nice.

Erik said...

Angel: Thank you, she is a great model to paint, very relaxed, I'm glad I caught some of that on the canvas.

Stan: Thank you very much, always nice to hear from you.

sam said...

Great to see the palette at work Erik, skin tones look great and well done on a great study

Erik said...

Thank you Sam! The palette works very nice for such a class, because it limits the color choices you can make. I premixed a lighter version of each of the colors to speed up the color mixing process because time goes by so fast :)
Congratulations on your success in the wildlife art competition!

Jane said...

Great nude, and the model seems very much at ease.

Erik said...

Thank You Jane!

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