Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plein air with Rene plein air

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Had a lot of fun today painting with Rene PleinAir.
Rene paints on location about every day of the week and uses a limited palette to create his beautiful paintings of the Dutch landscape. It was an honour to paint with him, thanks again for the fun day Rene!
The location where we painted was 'De Winterdijk' a narrow road between Waddinxveen (where I live) and Gouda.

'Richting Reeuwijk' 8x10 oil on panel

Rene painting
'Winterdijk' 8x10 oil on panel


Douglas Clark said...

These are wonderful.They have such a fresh quality. I also like the feel of distance in each one.

Jesus Estevez said...

seems you had a great time,so the paintings reflect that good state of mind

DennyHollandStudio said...

Your painting does create a wonderful atmospheric setting and mood...good work, man!

Erik said...

Douglas, Jesus and Denny: thanks guys! Rene is a speedpainter so I had to up my pace quite a bit to keep up which probable explains the looseness, thanks again!

Stan Hughes said...

What fun. These are very nice. I do not know how you out doors artists can make the work look so complete.

Erik said...

Hi Stan! I don't know either but the best thing is being out in nature and enjoy the experience :)
When the painting turns out OK it's an added bonus. Thanks for your kind words.

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