Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bald eagle painting

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I did this painting as a gift for the kid of a friend who turns 6 this weekend, he's a huge fan of birds of prey. It's great when kids have an appreciation for the natural world and I feel we should stimulate them as much as we can to hang on to that. Thanks to my sister for allowing me to use the photo-ref from her recent trip to Canada and the US.

bald eagle painting
'Bald eagle', acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, 18x13cm (7.1x5.1)
© 2010 Erik van Elven

Saturday, August 14, 2010

'Morning blues' oil painting

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A few weeks ago I made a painting of a cow in the mist, and said that I wasn't sure if it was finished or not.  When I looked at it again with a fresh eye, I felt it needed some more action so I added 2 friends.

oil painting cow mist
'Morning blues', Oil on gallery wrap canvas, 
18x24cm (7.1x9.4) © 2010, Erik van Elven, no longer available

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Virtual paintout Prince Edward Island, Canada

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My submission for the Virtual Paintout August edition.
I've been wanting to participate for a long time, but never quite came around to do it.
If you're not familiar with the Virtual Paintout, basically the concept is this:
Every month a location around the world gets picked, and artists use Google Streetview to virtually drive around, pick a location to paint and submit the results to the blog.

I had a lot a fun doing this one, although you have to set a time limit for yourself while location scouting otherwise you'll be driving around for hours finding a place that's even better :)

'Sherry Road', oil on masonite, 8x10,
© 2010 Erik van Elven, no longer available

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Plein air

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Painting in the rain today which was a new experience for me.
And it's true that oil and water do not mix :)
Nevertheless all those raindrops on the palette made it very hard to mix the paint using the brush and the paint would kind of slide across the surface of the painting.

Rainy Shed, 8x10 oil on masonite (n/a)

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