Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sinterklaas and Amerigo

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This was a painting requested by my 5 year old daughter. At the moment in her class the current theme is Sinterklaas. If you're not Dutch you probable don't know who he is (more info here on wikipedia) but the most important thing from a kids point of view is that he brings presents for the kids. Sort of like Santa but he arrives in a steamboat instead of on a sled. I painted this from 2 very tiny plastic figures and it was fun to play with the dramatic light. Because Sinterklaas is celebrated in December I decided to use this painting as my entry for this months painting challenge on the artists helping artists blog.

 Oil on canvas, 5x7, n/a


Amanda Jones said...

Erik this is a lovely little piece. You have captured a great sense of form, great shadows.

Erik said...

Thank you Amanda, it was a fun experiment and seeing the proud look of my daughter presenting it in class really made my day.

René PleinAir. said...

Hahaha especially the last remark!

[seeing the proud look of my daughter presenting it in class really made my day.]

Looks like you used a limited palette? Love the freshness of it

Erik said...

Thanks Rene,
Correct, I used the 3 primaries + Transparent oxide red.

Sophie said...

Aw, cute!! Sweet memories (no Sinterklaas here in the UK snif..). Like it!

Erik said...

Thanks Sophie, sorry to hear you have no Sinterklaas there (otherwise you'd already have the Mussini!) but on the other hand you have the great English weather, so you can't have it all :)

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