Sunday, July 25, 2010

Limited palette month painting Nr5: 'Paid its dues'

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This old wooden wheelbarrow I found in the backyard of my father in law. It's been long since it has been replaced by a newer plastic and metal version.
Since it's still limited palette month this one was painted with:
Ultramarine blue
Transparent oxide red
Yellow ochre and Titanium white.

wheelbarrow oilpainting limited palette kruiwagen
' Paid its dues', Oil on masonite, 
15x20cm (6x8) © 2010, Erik van Elven


Jesus Estevez said...

nice work Erik, are you going to continuing the limited palette in August? seems like a good exercise to

Erik said...

Thank you Jesus. Yes, I think I will be doing a few more of these next month, but I also have a few commissions I have to work on which require a bigger palette. Really liked your last few blogposts.

Gary Keimig said...

like the way you handled this one Eric. very nice.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Went out yesterday for "research" Got some great moose photos and a lot of grizzly sign but didn't see one. Wildflowers are sure great. And I did not see one person all day in miles of mountain roads.

Erik said...

Thank you Gary.
You're very fortunate to live in a place where there is such an abundance of wildlife and be able to capture that in paint.

Arti said...

I like your brushwork,Erik.And the colors are very interesting,too.Greetings.

Erik said...

Hi Arti, interesting work on your blog too. Thank you for following too!

sam said...

Theres a really nice quailty to this painting Erik, the colours really work and it has a loose feel to it.

Erik said...

Thank you Sam, I really enjoyed painting this one, sometimes a painting really flows from the brush, most of the time not :)

hmuxo said...

I love this painting....I always like to see paintings of antique cars and tools of all kinds. I like the colors you used..strong yet subtle. Looking forward to seeing your next painting.

Erik said...

Thank you very much Hilda.

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