Sunday, July 11, 2010

Limited palette month painting Nr3

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This painting was painted using a palette that's used by the famous Dutch plein air painter Rene.

If you haven't checked out his blog please do, it's very inspirational. Almost every day he's painting the dutch landscape and cityscape.

Rene uses cad yellow light, kraplak (madder lake) or permanent alizarin, ultramarine blue dark and titanium white.

' Lonely tree', Oil on textured masonite, 
15x25cm (5.9x9.8), © 2010, Erik van Elven


René PleinAir. said...

Hi Erik,

Thanks for this posting, I do have to make a little correction though.
I don't use Cadm. Yellow Lemon, but Cadm. yellow LIGHT. I have tried the Lemon for a month but somehow it doesn't felt right to this country, ... Kevin Menck uses it together with Cadm. Red. It suits perfectly over there (middle Tennesee) Anyhow this is a nice piece with works nice with the textured masonite.

Thanks again for your posting.

Erik said...

Thanks Rene, my apologies. I've made a correction in the original post.
Cad yellow light makes more sense since I found the cad lemon to be too cool next to the cool red.

sam said...

Nicely done Erik, the colours look great defintiely will try a limited palette next)

Erik said...

Thanks Sam, it's a lot of fun.To make it easier for me I premix a dark dark, an orange and a purple so it looks like I have a lot more colors :)

Jesus Estevez said...

Great work Erik, i love the way you do the landscapes, very loose,an with movement,nice.

Erik said...

Hi Jesus, thanks. The looseness is a cool by-product of doing the paining alla-prima. Thanks for visiting.

Arto Isotalo said...

This painting has nice loose and interesting brushwork and the values look just right. The eye is drawn to the right side of the tree which has the sharpest edges, most intense color and greatest contrast. Excellent!

Erik said...

Thanks Arto, I was trying to direct the viewer to exactly that area, good to hear that works.

Robin Weiss said...

Nice painting Erik! love the contrasts and painterly strokes!

Erik said...

Thank you Robin!

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