Monday, July 5, 2010

Limited palette goose oil painting

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July is limited palette month for me. I recently bought a set of Talens Cobra oil paint after using primarily Winsor & Newton for a long time. Since colors always vary between brands it's a good time to do some experiments with colors other than my usual set to get out of the comfort zone.
This painting was done with the Zorn palette, which consists of yellow ochre, cadmium red, ivory black and titanium white. Black acts as the blue here, which I found to be harder than I thought. I've tried to put some orangy passages next to greyish areas to make the grey appear to be more blue than it actually is.
For people-paintings I think it can make a nice base palette.

This guy I saw at the local childrens farm, he was being very inquisitive about me and my camera.

goose oil painting
'The neighbourhood watch'
Oil on canvasboard, 13x18cm (5.1x7.1), © 2010, Erik van Elven


DennyHollandStudio said...

Nice work! And I like the idea of limited palette month!!!

Erik said...

Thanks Denny. Maybe you can do 50 limited palette paintings? :)

sam said...

Thanks for the tip on the limited palette, I will have to try that one. Certainly a good idea I think, I have been experimenting with earth pigments.
What sort of colours did you use in the wolf Erik? I love the earthy tones

Erik said...

Hi Sam,
In the wolf painting I used ultramarine blue, transparant oxide red (or burnt sienna will do) yellow ochre and titanium white.
Hope that helps.

loriann said...

What a great thing to explore... limited palettes can be so powerful.I like this idea of limited palette month.

Erik said...

Hi Loriann, thanks for your comment. I really enjoy doing these. Loved your recent study of edges .

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