Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleaning up

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After reading a blogpost by fellow blogger Sophie Ploeg about flash/mobile devices and internet I made some adjustments to the layout of my blog. Things were getting a little too cluttered for my taste.
The new design is a lot less wide to help people with small screens, all the extra content is now on the right side and with the new design I hope the readability has improved.
Also a facebook badge has been added.

Is it better or is it worse?
If you have an opinion please leave a comment.


sam said...

I love the look Erik nice and clean and tidy, I should have a look at my own now! Nice wolf by the way!

Erik said...

That's funny you should say that Sam, since I always find your blog to have a good healthy balance between readability and added content like stumble upon or ebay. Guess there's always room for improvement :)
There was a time when bigger was better for webpage design since screens were getting bigger all the time but nowadays with smartphones and Ipads you have to be visible on those platforms too. No one said it would be easy.

Lokelani Forrest said...

Like your look. Clean and easy to read.

Erik said...

Hi Lokelani, that's good to hear. Thank you for commenting.

Sophie said...

LOL...bigger is better or stick to small? I just got myself a nice 27” monitor so am tempted to make everything huge! I don’t like small websites anymore as I’ve got all this space! But then there are so many people on mobile devices....with tiny screens.....oh what to do?
My google statistics show I have very, very few visitors on mobile gadgets. Hopefully there’ll be more. Dunno.
Love you blog. Nice and tidy, I like the simple white background.

Erik said...

Hi Sophie,
Ahh, a new Imac? That's a great screen with an amazing resolution. I have the 21.5 which is nice but quite a bit smaller. About the stats, I've been looking at my blog too and while most visitors have a resolution above 1024x768 you have to wonder if that's the classic chicken or egg-story. If you don't cater for smaller screens people with those screens are more likely to visit another blog than yours. MM, hard. Or you can make 2 versions :)
Thanks for the visiting.

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