Monday, April 19, 2010

Misty tree -oil painting

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mist landscape tree oil painting-Misty tree-
Oil on masonite, 15x20 cm (6x8)
© 2010 Erik van Elven

It's so much fun doing these studies, and you learn a lot. More than if you would only do a few highly finished paintings a year.


Marjolein Kruijt said...
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Marjolein Kruijt said...

Very recognizable sphere you painted here Eric ;)

Erik said...

Hi Marjolein,

Yes, I love the hazy atmosphere.
This one was done from a photo I took near Eindhoven.
Building up some confidence to do some plein air paintings this year.
Just visited your website again, yours are better :)

Priti said...

This is beautiful. Love the atmosphere.

Erik said...

Thanks Priti!

Caroline Bray Art said...

This is a great blog! I'm really drawn to the textures in your paintings and I love the atmosphere in this one. Looking forward to following your progress!

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