Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great crested grebe finished Part2

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After posting the image on wetcanvas I was advised to tone down the background flowers.
I like the result, hope you do too.

This is what it looks like framed.

No longer available

In our garden mom and dad blackbird are having a busy time with 3 kids to feed. Funny to watch.


Art Fan Ako said...


Erik said...

Thanks Art Fan Ako,
hope you enjoyed the step by steps.

Laurel Daniel said...

This is really beautiful and the suggestion to mute the flowers was a good one. Now your wonderful Grebe doesn't have to compete with them anymore!

Erik said...

Hi Laurel! That's why it is always good to show your work to other artists because they have a fresh look at the painting. Thanks for visiting.

José said...

Hi Erik,

The sensation of movement is there.
For me that's the best part about this work, besides being technically good, of course.

Best regards,


Erik said...

Thanks José! I was going for that movement so I'm glad that payed off.

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