Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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After reading the great Alla prima for the second time I finally decided to start doing charts to get a better understanding of my colors and how they mix together.
It's a lot of work to make these charts but hopefully it will make me a better, more confident color mixer. When you don't have to waste time thinking about mixing you can spend that time on the actual painting.

This is the first chart of the unmixed colors. They are from left to right:
-Cadmium yellow pale hue (unfortunately W&N Artisan doesn't have Cadmium yellow pale)
-Yellow ochre
-Burnt sienna (Transparent oxide red not available in W&N Artisan)
-Indian red
-Cadmium red light
-Permanent alizarin crimson
-Cobalt blue
-Raw umber


r garriott said...

I've found making color charts like yours immensely helpful. Another type is to mix each of your colors with every other color you use (one at time, of course) and then tint them down with white, as you have done. I keep a binder with one main color per page, and it makes it fast to look up a color mix. Saves a lot of paint, too, in the end.

Erik said...

Thanks R.
They are immensly helpful. I'm working on the charts you mention right now, I do them inbetween paintings. I had no idea these would be so useful. You have a wonderful blog by the way. Thanks for visiting.

Candace X. Moore said...

Erik, Thanks for your visit to my blog. Love the color charts here, did you do additional mixes as described in Alla Prima? Great book. I found the exercise really useful, although I'm not much of a painter at this point. Beautiful work on your site. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Best regards.

Erik said...

Hi Candace,
Not much of a painter? Are you kidding me, I loved your Zorn-palette experiments!
I didn't do all the charts so far, I only did cad yellow light, burnt sienna, viridian, permanent alizarin,ultramarine blue but I prepared more boards for more colors. It's a great book indeed and I find I learn more from it as I progress. Looking forward to more of your art.

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