Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy new year!

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Wow, time flies. Already 2009.
I wish you all an inspiring new year with lots of creativity.
Finally finished another oil-painting, a fox study.
40x30cm, oil on linnen.


lisagloria said...

These are beautiful! Post some more please. I love the little chickadee too.

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Erik said...

Thank you Lisa.
Good to hear you also like the graphite drawing. Always fun to read your blog.

Larry MacDougall said...


Fabulous ! This painting brings to mind another fox lover - Rien Poortvliet - looking forward to spending some more time exploring your work.

Erik said...

Hi Larry. Thanks!
I love Poortvliet's work. It is awesome indeed and he is one of my major influences since I was a kid so I don't find it strange that some of his style is visible in my work (although he's a million times the artist I'll ever be :) )

wildlifeart said...

Wonderful work! Glad I found your blog


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