Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Family business"

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Finally finished
another painting. It's for an international exhibition "Animal behaviour" from october 4 - december 27, in Opheusden the Netherlands. For more information check

Done in acrylics, 70x50 cm. Still have to get used to acrylics but I'm starting to like them.

Edit 9 July 2009:

This painting was a finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009 contest.


I recently bought this great 'Stay Wet'-palette that keeps your acrylic paints fresh for weeks which makes it a pleasure to work with since you don't have to remix your paint every session.


Mark Behm said...

Who makes this brand? I like that it has little "pots".
Thanks, BTW. Yeah, Keith and Comet were there. Comet is the one I spoke of working at 3 other places with.

Erik said...

Hi Mark, it's a german palette.
A Dutch company sells it for 16,95 euro:

I recently bought a second one since I really like it.

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